Newhaven Ferry Port

Advertising in Newhaven ferry port

Newhaven ferry Port is the southern gateway to France and provides access to the oldest ferry link across the English Channel. Newhaven ferry Port now offers a ferry route to France via Dieppe.

The port is undergoing huge redevelopment and regeneration and passenger traffic through the port and terminal is estimated to increase. The terminal and new services will be open every day of the year. Newhaven is a prosperous and unique town located between Brighton and Eastbourne and attracts people from the affluent counties of Surrey and Sussex. It is within easy driving distance from London and has excellent rail links to London Victoria.

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Poster and Billboard advertising

Advertising is now available on high visibility Poster and Billboard sites (from 4 sheet to 48 sheet) at the terminal. These are located in high traffic areas throughout the combined car and foot passenger terminal as shown on the map. The poster sites offer a huge ’opportunity to display’ to a captive audience as people wait to board the ferry by car or by foot. Each poster site offers an excellent trigger at or near the point of purchase and can be a great support medium to major advertising campaigns on a local or national scale. Click here for Prices and approximate poster site locations and sizes . We can also help you with poster production and design on request. Click here and send us an email with your query.

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