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Newhaven ferry port Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ database contains the most commonly encountered questions when using this web site.
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Q1. Is it possible to park overnight with a car and caravan ready for the early ferry?
A1. Yes, there is limited overnight parking.

Q2. Do I need a passport to travel to France or can I use my driving license?
A2. Yes a valid passport is required and you cannot use a driving license.

Q3. Can a pet travel without a pet passport?
A3. Unfortunately not, all pets MUST travel with a passport. Please refer to the Defra web site for full information regarding the transportation of pets.

Q4. Is there a bureau de change in the terminal?
A4. No we do not have a bureau de change but if you arrive during office hours there is a post office and a Sainsbury’s locally where you can obtain currency. We also have a change machine onboard.

Q5. Is there a cash point in the terminal?
A5. No not in the terminal, but you can go to the local bank which is five minutes’ walk away.

Q6. What train station do I need to alight from, Newhaven Harbour or Newhaven town station?
A6. You need to get off at Newhaven town station and then you have a 3 minute walk to the terminal.

Q7. Where can I eat at the port?
A7. You will find a cafe at the terminal overlooking the river serving a good selection of food reasonably priced. The cafe is open everyday 7am/11am and 7pm/11pm.

Newhaven ferry port FAQ